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Boost Traffic and SEO – 10 Top Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Blogging  Benefits

Do you have an ecommerce website, but feeling like it’s not getting the traffic and SEO love it deserves? Don’t worry! You’re far from alone in that boat. All too often, business owners create a beautiful website while neglecting one crucial element – their blog. Yes, believe it or not just launching a stunning website isn’t enough nowadays if you want to maximize SEO potential and drive more customers your way. But don’t panic! To help out all those busy business owners who are juggling multiple responsibilities (which is why we forget about our blogs sometimes), here’s 10 top reasons why having a blog for your business should be top of the list when talking about boosting revenue, traffic and SEO rankings.

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Harness the power of blogs to boost your marketing strategy! With 60% of people reading them weekly, businesses have a great opportunity to reach current and potential customers easily. Through informative content for little or no cost, businesses can create another touchpoint with consumers via multichannel marketing tactics that are sure to engage readers by helping them gain insight into company offerings.

1. Sixty Percent of People Read Them Weekly!

Leveraging blogging to drive website visitors is an effective approach for many businesses.  So take your website presence to the next level and create an online hub of relevant content that pulls in more visitors.  Recent research by HubSpot shows that having a blog can help generate 55% more visits than companies without one! This strategy is especially effective if you specialize in any given topic that can be informative to your audience. The key is to draw them into your website so they can get familiar with your business. Remember the marketing rule of 7’s. It states that a potential customer must see a message at least 7 times before they’ll be provoked to take action. So any outreach efforts should prove worthwhile.

Blogging is an effective way to keep a website fresh and engaging for readers. With thoughtful blog posts, businesses can demonstrate their expertise in solving problems – which gives visitors more incentive to click-through from social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Blogs act not only as the building blocks of successful digital marketing strategies but also provide vital content that customers are looking for!

2. Increase Your Reader Email List

Email lists are a great way to engage existing customers, but building up the list can be challenging. Blogging is an effective strategy for introducing potential new subscribers and fostering trust in your brand. Publishing compelling content helps familiarize readers with what you have to offer while laying the foundation needed for adding more email sign-ups!

3. Maximize  SEO

Businesses can improve their visibility and draw in more organic traffic through search engine optimization (SEO). This entails creating quality blog posts that use relevant keywords, while avoiding Google’s penalties for keyword stuffing. By carefully crafting thoughtful content around topics related to the industry, business, customers, products and events– organizations have a unique opportunity to rise up the ranks of SERPs. Leverage tools such as Ahrefs or Semrush to find just the right keyphrases with which you can tell your brand story!

4. Instant Content For Your Social Media Accounts

Companies can easily spread their message via social media. After publishing a blog post, simply share the link of it on social networks and invite readers to engage with your content by liking or sharing it. Maximize reach by sharing across several platforms–your business will be sure to get its message out!  Ask them to like or share the post easily through simple links that direct back the original article!

5. Engage New Potential Clients

Writing engaging blog content and including calls to action helps your organization’s SEO efforts. Each page created should include concise instructions for readers, such as asking them to call you or book a free consultation. As an added bonus, customers can reach out through their preferred method of contact – be it by phone number, email address or even signing up for more information! This effort will pay dividends exponentially over time in increased visibility on Google search results pages providing more leads than ever before.

6. Connect with Your Target Audience

Blogs can be powerful tools for businesses to establish trust and build meaningful, lasting relationships with their audiences. Through everyday content such as videos, lists, how-tos and other relevant posts companies are able to share valuable expertise that educates customers while also showing off the business’ leadership within its industry. Additionally, blog posts can help answer customer’s common questions or issues they may have – helping them better understand products & services a company provides; ultimately increasing audience loyalty in return. To ensure success when trying to build trust through digital marketing strategies it is important not only account for quality content but regularity too!

7. Build Your Brand

Companies can bridge the gap between customer and business with a blog. Unveiling personal stories, day-to-day operations, or company values helps customers connect to your brand on an intimate level – meaning they’re more likely to return in the future. Moreover, studies show that 62% of consumers enjoy content from brands while 82% feel more positive about them after reading said content – making it easier than ever for businesses expand their reach through storytelling!

8. Establish Authority

As a business owner, utilizing blogs to communicate your industry expertise is an effective way of establishing trust and authority with potential customers. By taking advantage of this platform, you can gain credibility in the eyes of those who are looking for solutions from experts like yourself!

9. Attracts Conversions

Blogging gives you a unique opportunity to engage with your industry’s most active buyers and drive them directly to your website. By creating informative content that speaks specifically to their needs, customers can more easily make an informed purchase decision – one which is likely in favor of the brand they already trust (yours!). Investing in blogging efforts demonstrates dedication not only too enhancing customer engagement but also cultivating conversion opportunities.

10. Teach and  Attract New Readers

Provide meaningful content that educates and engages readers. Showcase how your business can be a solution to their problem from the comfort of their own home, offering them products or services they may not have previously considered. Build trust through providing expert knowledge on topics related to but not necessarily centered around what you offer in order to further engage with potential consumers – don’t forget encouraging those who comment underneath blog posts! This will prove long-lasting as future viewers are likely able to still view these interactions even if it was posted months ago.

Final Thought

If you’re not convinced that your business needs a blog, consider these ten reasons. A blog can help boost traffic to your website, improve your SEO ranking, increase leads and customers, establish thought leadership, build credibility and trustworthiness, showcase products and services, educate customers about your industry, humanize your brand… the list goes on. If you are like most small business owners, you don’t have time to write articles frequently. Search for blog article writers that can write on your behalf. Global Synergy Sales Group has a team of writers on hand, plus two subscription-based blog article writing services. They will create original SEO-friendly articles for any topic and industry. They have a bi-monthly and monthly opportunity and they will even upload it to your site if you want them to manage the entire process. In short, a well-executed business blog can do wonders for your bottom line. What are you waiting for? Start blogging today!

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